Local and mediterranean cuisine
A restaurant of the cours saleya in the heart of old nice

A garden of flavors in front of the Flower Market

Discover La Favola

The “Favola”?

“Che favola !” Exclaim the Italians… To express their happiness, describe the beauty of a person, or pleasure that is felt. Everything that transcends the banal and breaks the monotony. “Che favola” is a set of emotions that touches perfection. And it sounds good, right?

How to find us?

Follow the sun! Only ten meters from La Voglia, you will find a radically different world. The Cours Saleya is a luminous agora, a fruit and vegetable market that captures the aura of the Mediterranean.

Welcome to Nice: it’s waking up, it’s walking, it’s discussing, we speak loudly. Here we are. Why not enjoy a culinary moment in front of the flower market?

How is it inside?

La Favola is an intimate restaurant. The building with the Magenta facade could pass for a second Matisse museum. Welcomed by the antipasti, do not be confused by the silver statue of David – the replica would not dare to compete with the original. The red and black walls, the high ceiling and the large single storey windows are reminiscent of the villas of the hills, well known by the Nicois…

A menu to devour

15 ingredients to share on the same plate? 12,650 different combinations? Just for the aperitif? They are crazy these Italians…

La Favola presents you…
The Antipasti

Fetish products

Main plate: The ‘elephant’s ear’veal chop

“An elephant ear?” The name intrigued me enough to push me to order it. What a surprise to be faced with a well-known Italian dish: the Milanese schnitzel! Made thin, the breaded meat struts along the plate. Arugula, cherry tomatoes… A popular dish revisited with taste!

#DumboPlate #BigPiece #FoodIsLove #IBreadThereforeIAm

For dessert: Tiramisu Speculoos

The verrine looks like a jar of jam with its lid. This homemade dessert is homogeneous and the layers are clearly visible. Only the speculoos powder is sprinkled generously on top, giving an impression of fantasy and letting go. The first bite is clear, this Tiramisu really cheers you up!

#SugarAndCoffee #StillYourHome #FlavorBomb #TiramiTsunami #ShootMe

Leftovers ? Take one of our small plates home by asking for a takeaway !

Le galet magazine

Le galet magazine is a new window to Nice and the azure coast. Issa Nissa or French Riviera? Both, my captain. We carry the voices of all the Nicois, those who adopted it, but also those who are JUST passing through. We all share the same pleasures. Our magazine is completely free. Like our cuisine, the quantities are generous and the quality is always present, so why deprive yourself?

Nice, land of innovations? What are the driving forces of the local economy? Discover a piece of the Côte d’Azur that ignores tourism and develops on unexpected sectors … Nice, the small cluster that has a heart, a report you can find in the articles of our magazine!

Before, after or during the meal, take it whenever you want … as long as you devour it.

Events la Favola

Become the owner for a night, what does it say to you? La Favola opens the doors of its establishment classified in the heritage of the Architects of Buildings of France. Keep an eye on the Cours Saleya and immerse yourself in the heart of Nice, just a stone’s throw from the old town. Families or companies, weddings or conferences … The group Cannatella puts its restaurant at your disposal. And do not forbid any desire: we will accompany you at every stage of the organization and satisfy your craziest appetites.

Tested and approved !

“In May, 60 people gathered in cocktail mode for a party in Nice. The clients wanted the most authentic setting possible … A concept that we pushed to the end: six large tables of ten stood on Cours Saleya. Pan bagnat, pizza and even traditional socca were part of the menu.”

By Laura, the privileged coordinator of your private events.

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