Like a desire to eat with you !

La Favola, the new flower of the market

In the Cannatella Family I ask … the Brothers. Three years after La Voglia, Philippe and Serge continue to surprise their regulars by settling where no one was expecting them … Only ten meters from their previous establishment. Two restaurants, posted in front of one another, opened by the entrepreneurs of taste, does it not remind you of anything? This is the story that Gino was already sketching at the opening of the Villa d’Este, on the same street as the Boccaccio. If history repeats itself,  is the success also present?


The conquest of Cours Saleya

The opportunity was too good not to be seized. The building, very atypical to not be exploited. The Cours Saleya, highly Nicois to not please the Brothers Cannatella. The risk was great, but the company mastered it. Philippe and Serge did not propose a copy-paste of their previous adventure, they drew a new one. The Voglia, victim of its success, lacked room to satisfy all the stomachs that stopped at its threshold. And what is a cook who can no longer feed those who are hungry?

In 2007, a new choice arrives. The Voglia bets on the shade and freshness, the Favola turns to the sun. The terrace still offers an inimitable view of the flower market, which Philippe and Serge have become its new players.

Italian cuisine & Nissa la Bella

Proud of its Italian roots and its Mediterranean roots, La Favola is quickly imbued with the aura of the place it inhabits. Catherine Ségurane, Modigliani, Chagall, Paganini or even Cyprien, the hero of YouTube … All are related to Nice, who lived here and tinted their existence by its colors. La Favola allowed the brothers to connect even more to Nissa la Bella. Because around the Cours Saleya, a new world appears: the regulars and their routines, the quibbles between florists and market merchants, grannies who come to shop, pastis bakers … We seek the sunlight, we bask in an armchair, where one coffee lasts all day. “All that is Nice.”

For Serge and Philippe who were born in Nice and grew up here, La Favola is the symbol of this bridge of wonders, which links their city to the Italian culture inherited from Gino & Gina. Everything is only Mediterranean …